Swissflex utilizes a unique lens suspension system, where pins are used to hold the lenses onto the frame then tips of the pins are melted to finalize lenses into the precise mounting position of the frame. This unique process prevents twisting and ensures stability without the need for screws or glue. Two variations of temples, straight or thermoplastic cable temples are available with various nose pads styles to ensure maximum individualized comfort. Swissflex frames are made with MARSYDUR, a high performance polymer created during the orbital research and development phase of the Mars Mission. MARSYDUR’s light-weight, heat and chemical resistance, and hypoallergenic properties offer excellent dimensional stability. MARSYDUR coupled with the Swissflex’s unique suspension system, promote high level of individualized comfort.

Perfect fit

The high‐performance polymer with medical properties is ultra-light, flexible, stable and hypoallergenic. The unique fit systems for nose and ears make optimal adjustment possible.

Revolutionary high-tech polymers with medical properties

Are ultra-light, flexible and stable

Feel comfortable and natural

Do not cause skin irritation and are hypoallergenic.

Unique fit systems for nose and ears

Guarantee bespoke sensation

Adapt perfectly to each face (no pressure points)

Ensure perfect visual points with minimal fatigue or strain.

Modular Individuality

The great variety of options creates individual flexibility in terms of style and functionality.

Modular system of frame elements developed in-house combines maximum flexibility and individual freedom to interchange components according to style and functionality.

Refined color and finishing system offer an individual touch possible for every model.

100% /// Swiss-made

The Swiss design, development and production ensure precise processing standards and thus the highest quality.

A high-tech polymer frame, Swissflex is manufactured in Switzerland with highest precision and care.

Swissflex Classic

Swissflex Rainbow

Swissflex Kids

Swissflex Infant